Venus on Mars

Delivering The Goods

Posted in Author's Notes by janmillsapps on February 21, 2010

Womankind takes her rightful place in the universe.

Can you deliver the goods? That’s what my husband Phill (my most enthusiastic fan and my most severe critic) asked me when I showed him the completed trailer for my novel, which I’ve uploaded to my darkskycity site, and also to YouTube.

It’s true that the trailer claims something that happens in my novel will change everything we know about the planet Mars and that, as a result, womankind will assume her rightful place in the universe.  I wrote and produced the trailer with my own brand of justifiable feminist swagger, re-envisioning first man on the moon Neil Armstrong’s “one small step” line as one taken by a Victorian lady in long skirts and crimson stockings as a way to comment on the lack of adequate female participation in science and technology, more specifically in astronomy and rocket science, and to suggest that somehow the women in my story serve to correct this imbalance.

A movie trailer is nothing without hyperbole (“the most amazing story ever told; featuring a cast of thousands; what you see will astound you”) and its purpose is to attract an audience, and so perhaps the exaggeration is justified.  Once we actually see the entire movie, we can decide for ourselves whether or not its trailer was misleading; then the critics and movie reviewers can get busy and their more reasoned writings will eventually balance the rhetoric of the trailer.

Now that I’m nearly done with my novel, I realize I need to watch my own trailer over and over, as much as I need for others to view and comment on it, because I’m about to find out whether my book gets a rise out of the editors, agents, publishers I’m about to show it to.

Last time around, with Screwed Pooch, my first novel, I was certain I’d created a superbly written, original and entertaining story – until I was crushed underneath the avalanche of rejection slips from everyone I sent it  to.  The fact that I was able to publish it myself assuaged my hurt feelings somewhat, but the stigma as the “vanity press” lingers in the publishing world, no matter the quality of the writing.

That’s why I have to get my swagger on now, before I start making the rounds in the publishing universe.   I can’t deliver the goods I’ve written, the way i want to deliver them, without engaging the help of a talented editor, an enthusiastic agent, a willing publisher.

Venus on Mars. The greatest novel on Earth! A literary spectacle beyond compare! This book will change the way you think about everything in the universe! A must-read!

You do believe me, don’t you?


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