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Posted in Author's Notes by janmillsapps on July 6, 2011

So my FNYE (fancy New York Editor) turned out to be a nut case, started demanding fees we hadn’t negotiated, which I refused to pay. End of story. Finished the book without her. Since April I’ve been in yet another holding pattern while my manuscript languished in the office of a literary agent who’d promised to read it. Many email reminders later, she actually did and called me yesterday to say it’s great, but in her opinion not commercially viable enough for her to take it on (I guess I should be writing bodice-rippers instead). On the other hand, she gave me a lot of advice and information on how I might proceed without her. So lit agents and editors – who needs them!

I’m striking out on my own, again – and feeling brave enough to resume the blog. Now I think it will be less about the book and more about how I negotiate the various approaches to independent publishing. Today I began contacting small presses who accept unsolicited manuscripts (there are still a few out there), looking into writers’ publishing collectives and still thinking I’ll end up inventing the novel of the future, some kind of hybrid form that retains its narrative integrity while also incorporating what I’ve started calling “amplified moments” – media, hyperlinks, interactivity. Ebooks are just the beginning and a bad one at that – they’re utilitarian, not aesthetic, market-driven and not artist -inspired.  Writers, we can do better!


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  1. Harriet Ellenberger said, on July 7, 2011 at 5:58 am

    I’ll follow what you write in this continuing blog story closely, and gratefully. Please do invent the novel of future, Jan. “Amplified moments” is a lovely and useful phrase. And I think you’re right about ebooks being a bad beginning, and why.

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