Venus on Mars


Posted in Author's Notes by janmillsapps on July 17, 2011

One popped button seems hopeful

So hard work pays off. Just days after sending out several email queries to small indie presses my non-lit agent recommended, I heard back from one who touts itself as being author-friendly. Based on an excerpt I’d sent them, they’ve asked to read the entire manuscript! Yeah, I sent it to them, then drew my next breath.

My words have left home, again, and are being read by someone who’s actually requested them. This is not enough to generate a happy-dance, not yet – there are so many worst-case scenarios (sitting on it, losing it, rejecting it) and only one best-case outcome (loving and publishing it) – but it does represent progress.

I’ve also begun the agonizing search for “blurbs,” those brief but glorious comments you usually see on the back of the book cover (“couldn’t put it down, even to check my Facebook” “I recommend this book to anyone alive,” etc.). I figured you have to ask folks nicely and then give them plenty of room to say no – but so far no one has declined.

If there’s anything short of publication that’ll make me feel like a real author, it’ll be those blurbs. That’s almost worth popping another button.


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