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New Writer’s Site, New Hope?

Posted in Author's Notes by janmillsapps on October 16, 2011

New Publishing Tool!

I just joined Inkubate – actually you have to be invited to join but this just involves asking for an invitation and they replied to me within a minute, which means they’re either very efficient or they’re just getting started and are hungry for fodder. Either way it works for me.

I read about Inkubate on the HuffPo and it sounds legit. Authors post tiny excerpts from their work (really tiny – 2000 characters or less and spaces count), plus an even tinier pitch (200 characters). That was the hardest part – I pulled sample after sample from my manuscript and they were all too long. And I’d already written what I thought were short blurbs, but they were all more than 200 characters. It took me last night and this morning to come to terms with their severe restrictions and post something that seems well-written, representative of my work and “stand-alone” (i.e.not needing any explanation).

Publishers and agents sign up to look at these (otherwise they’re privacy protected) and if they like what they see, they can bid to represent the author. If my wildest fantasy comes true and more than publisher or agent one gets interested, a bidding war commences – woohoo! Plus the writer gets paid by Inkubate each time his/her materials are read.

It’s a new model attempting to pre-empt and streamline the nearly unworkable method of submitting materials individually to agents and publishers then waiting, waiting while they sit in a “slush pile” – exactly what I’ve been doing (I’m feeling very slushy these days).

You go, Inkubate!


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