Venus on Mars

A Happy (Enough) Ending!

Posted in Author's Notes by janmillsapps on April 6, 2012
Venus on Mars - front cover

Coming - for real - June 2!

I’m signing off on this blog so I can concentrate and focus my time and energy on my book, plans for its launch on June 2, and marketing/promotion.

I am working with Pedernales Publishing – exactly what I need – they’ve positioned solidly in-between traditional presses (who take your manuscript and do everything) and self-publishing places like Lulu and CreateSpace (who leave everything up to you).

Barbara, their design consultant, loves the cover with the Victorian woman stepping onto the surface of Mars – and she has provided so many good reasons why this should be the cover – so I’ve reworked the design, popping the title a little more, making the sky color slightly less putrid-looking.

And working with another small company, Falernian, to publicize and promote. We’ve decided to use QR codes inside – like expanded bar codes (but more customizable) – readers will be able to point a smart phone at the image and link to additional content (pics, text, sounds) that will enhance the reading experience.  Hoping this comes off as more than gimmicky.

I’ve set up a “Venus on Mars” Facebook page and will from here on post book news there.  Over and out.