Venus on Mars

Three books for the price of one!

Posted in Author's Notes by janmillsapps on September 30, 2012

Three in one!

I’m preparing my Keynote (Mac version of Powerpoint) presentation for my Wednesday book event at SFSU library, “Book Without Boundaries.”  While thinking of how to organize it, I realize I’ve written more than one book.

There’s the book, “Venus on Mars.” Then there’s the book inside the book, Lulu’s secret journal, suppressed for generations until her grand-niece Venus inherits it. The journal is frustratingly incomplete, urging everyone who reads it to add their own pages – which actually makes it an infinite number of books.

The book outside the book is what I think of as the “geek” layer – the scientific and historic context surrounding the fictional story inside. This is the part accessed by the QR codes scattered throughout the book. I learned so much while researching and writing the book, it just didn’t seem fair to keep it all to myself. It’s a nonfiction layer superimposed over the fictional story – each one a brief but illustrated treatise.

Three in one, Apple-style!

This realization makes me feel a little bit like Steve Jobs when he introduced the iPhone in 2007 (the only MacWorld keynote I ever attended).  We have three new products, he said: a phone, a music player and a web browser – only they’re all included in this one device. Everybody jumped up and ran to get one at the Apple store.

I only wish for comparable results!


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