Venus on Mars

The Martians are Real (or soon will be)!

Posted in Author's Notes by janmillsapps on October 27, 2013

Venus on Mars is all about the Martians. Did they build canals? Are they trying to contact us? Can we send spaceships to photograph them? Can we go there ourselves? Are there more transcendent ways to experience “Martian-ness?”

When I began researching and writing this book just a few years ago, we had not yet entered this particular phase of “Mars madness,” which started, I think, with live coverage of the Curiosity landing (2012) and ongoing announcements of its amazing findings (like water – lots of it – just under the hard, dry surface).

But even more responsible for fueling Mars madness are the widely publicized plans by Mars One (in the Netherlands) to send humans to Mars within a decade and establish a permanent colony there – and the fact that the astronaut recruitment process (currently in progress) is unrestrictive – the pod doors leading to Mars are wide open. Anyone in the world, anyone over 18, any gender, any ethnicity, any educational level, any skill set. Mars One (unlike NASA) is casting an enormous net to insure that the first Earthlings to land on Mars will truly represent their home planet.


Yes, I’ve applied to go to Mars

What’s changed since I began writing my novel is that the long-imagined Martians are no longer the stuff of sci-fi and bad space-adventure movies. The Martians are real – and they are us. Humans are poised to become the first Martians.

Hope we can make better movies when we get there!


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